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Please Read Before Use
This leaflet contains most of the important rules and procedures about the correct and safe usage of abrasive discs.
For further information refer to the respective safe standards.

For your own safety please read and follow the information carefully. Failure to do so may lead to serious injury.
Initial Basic Checks
(a) Make sure that the correct abrasive disc is being used in STONE cutting or METAL cutting.
(b) The abrasive disc is not damaged in any way.
(c) Check that the disc is manufactured to European Standard EN12413.
(d) Check that the disc is within the expiry date.
(e) Make sure machine looks clean and safe to use.Check the last electrical testing date of machine.
(f) Attend a training course on correct usage of machine and abrasive discs and be aware of PUWER 1998 regulations.
(g) Read the instruction manual for the machine.

Before use check machine and abrasive disc
(a) Make sure machine guards are securely fitted and in the correct position.Check guards for faults.
(b) Check the diameter of the disc is correct for the machine being used and that the RPM marked on the disc is higher than the maximum RPM on the rating plate of the machine

Before fitting disc to the machine
(a) Follow the instruction on the disc and on the packaging.
(b) The mounting flange should be clean,free from distortion of burrs and not damaged in any way.They should be a matching pair.
(c) Make sure top flange is in the correct position for the abrasive disc being used.The top flange can be used either way up depending on the thickness of the disc.
(d) Use mounting blotters if supplied.

Before use
(a) Make sure all clothing is securely fastened.Wearing an overall is recommended.Firmly secure loose or long hair.
(b) Make sure that any people standing nearby are out of danger.
(c) Wear good quality goggles at all times.They should conform to EN166 Grade B.
(d) Wear a face mask that complies with EN149.
(e) Wear ear plugs or ear defenders that complies with EN352.
(f) Wear gloves with a minimnm protected level of EN388 Category 2.
(g) Make sure disc is correctly fitted and flanges are fully tightened and gripping disc firmly.
(h) Check guard fittings are tight and is in the correct position to deflect any sparks or debris away from the operator or nearby people.

During use
(a) Be aware that whilst cutting or grinding dust,sparks,small pieces of debris,noise and vibration can all be harmful.
(b) Check the guard is in the correct position to pertect operator and nearby people.
(c) Do not start the machine in the workpiece.
(d) After switching on the machine allow a minimum of 30 seconds for the machine to reach full operating speed.Conduct a trial run first.
(e) Do not force the machine in the workpiece.Let the machine do the work.
(f) Always hold machine firmly and support workpiece.
(g) After switching machine off make sure all rotation has stopped before putting machine down.

Wear goggles,masks,gloves,ear protection and overalls.
Made sure all of these are of a high standard.Your safety will depend on them. Avoid breathing in the dust that is generated.Maintain dust levels below the Threshold Limit Value for nuisance dust as classified by OSHA.

Cut-off and Grinding disc Requirements
(a) Hold machine firmly.
(b) Secure work piece tigntly.
(c) Avoid side pressure when cutting.
(d) Do not use cutting disc for grinding.
(e) When grinding approach workpiece at correct angle.
(f) When cutting always cut in a straight line.Do not try and cut curves.
(g) Make sure guard is in correct position.
(h) Make sure abrasive discs are mounted correctly and are tightly held.
(i) Make sure the set of flanges used are free form damage and are the correct matching set for the machine being used.
(j) After switching off machine make sure the rotation has stopped before putting machine down.

·Store discs in a clean and dry area.
·Inspect discs efore using.
·Compare maximum disc and machine speeds.
·Start cut gently.
·Wear goggles and masks.

·Use a damaged disc.
·Force disc to fit machine.
·Exceed maximum disc operating speed.
·Use cut-off disc for grinding.
·Over tighten locking flange.
·Use machine without correctly fitted guard.
·Force disc into workpiece before starting machine.
·Put machine down before rotation has stopped.

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