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Aluminum oxide Abrasives
A-(regular aluminum oxide)
The most widely used abrasive. Used for heavy-duty work such as snagging steel castings, grinding crankshafts and for production cylindrical grinding on all but the hardest and most heat--sensitive steels.
Friable aluminium oxide
Is developed pink fired aluminium oxide abrasive. It is particularly suited for grinding all kinds of tool steels including the tough vanadium alloy steels with moderate to heavy feeds. It grinding with an exceptionally cool, fast cutting action, required a minimum of dressing and holds its from well.
WA Friable aluminium oxide
Is a white fired aluminium oxide abrasive used on light grinding of all kinds, particularly on hard, heat sensitive steels. It has been long used for sharpening high-speed steels(HSS) and cast alloy tools and cutters, as well as for cylindrical, surface and internal grinding of tools, dies and gages.
Silicon carbide Abrasives
SC-C(Black): Generally used grinding gray iron, non ferrous metals and non metallic materials such as glass, rubber and stone.
SCG:(Green): Ideal for grinding cemented carbide cutting tools

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