4.5'' Stone/concrete Grinding Discs

Specifications: SC Grinding disc provides a high burr removal capability and a maximum performance with long life for general types of iron foundry, concrete and stone products.

Usage: Its especially convenient for all kinds of cast iron, lime stones which are used in construction, natural and artificial stone materials like marble. It can be used for surface grinding, cleaning and grinding of corners.It’s used for removal of burr

Advantages: Economical . High burr removal capability . Long-life

Dimension(mm) Type Box M.Box Max.Speed
115 X 6.4 X 22 10 100 80M/S
125 X 6.4 X 22 10 100 80M/S
180 X 6.4 X 22 10 50 80M/S
230 X 6.4 X 22 10 20 80M/S

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